How to change from the mobile app to the web version

We are delighted to announce that the Web Version of Vayoo is now available. From now on, you can use any of the two, the mobile app or web version interchangeably thanks to the simple login system.

There are two possibilities:

1) If you downloaded the mobile app through the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS), and you want to use the Web Version, you can access it through the following link:

On this page, you must enter a username and password that you will find in the Settings Section of the mobile app, at the bottom of the page.


Once inside your Web Version, you will be able to use Vayoo just as in the mobile but in the web format.

You can also get your user and password by clicking on the "Don't you know your Vayoo user(password? button.

2) If you subscribed through the web, you can use the app version by downloading it in your IOS or Android application store. Once the tutorial is over, the page with the subscription plans will appear. Just below you will find the login option. There you can enter the username and password that you will find in the configuration section of the web version.

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