Vayoo Alerts - Spam

If you are using Vayoo and you have linked you Airbnb account you should be getting* two kinds of alerts:

The first ones are: "Alerts of events with high demand." When there is an important in your area, it is an excellent opportunity for you to increase prices and make those extra bucks that will compensate your low season. But you need to know this in advance. Our systems detect increases in demand, and we fill all the info about the event for you. If there is an event in your area you can also write to us and we will add it to our system. 


The second ones:  "Non-rentable period alert". AS you might already know, when your minimum stay requirement is superior to 1 day, sometimes you will leave empty days within blocks of two, three or more days. Our system will send you an alert whenever this happens so you can change your min-stay and be fully booked. 


*If you don’t see these alerts in your email inbox look for them in the Spam box and don’t forget to mark them as Not Spam.