Your monthly Calendar

This is your monthly calendar. Here you can check the most relevant data about your property. With the buttons above you can select which data you want to display. You can view everything at the same time, or you just pick up one or two features at a time. 

If you select "Area occupancy" and "Price Recommendations" at the same time, you will discover that whenever there is a higher occupancy than usual, we recommend you to raise your price. 

If you select "Minimum Stay" you will see your minimum stay requirement for each day, and you will be able to change it with the top right button. 

Finally, if you select "Search Page" you will either see the number of the page where your listing appears, either one of the following icons:

[∞]  Your listing appears after the page 18th you will have difficulties in renting your place.

[-] The Hyppehn means that your listing does not appear in the search results. It is the last day of a minimum stay requirement period. 

[!] The exclamation mark means that your listing does not appear in the search results due to the minimum stay requirement period. You will not rent your property this day unless you change the requirement.

[] The red border means that we recommend you to change the minimum stay requirement to increase your booking probabilities.