Your Search Position

This is the general calendar for your Search Position. Here you can see in which days your property is visible and in which days is not. 

When you search on Airbnb, the platform only displays 17 pages with 18 listings on each page (306 listings). So in large cities with a high Airbnb density, many listings stay out of the first search. For example, if you search homes in New York or Barcelona, you will only get 18 suggestions on the first page. Ideally, you will be among those 18 recommendations or at least, in the next 16 pages. But this is not always the case.

If your property is not visible, it means that when people search in a given location with no filters, your listing does not appear within these firsts 17 pages. 

However, this does not mean that your property does not appear at all. Most of the times, people look for properties in more precise locations (Central Park) with many filters (Numer of people, amenities, superhosts status, etc.). This means that even though your property does not appear in the given location with no filters, it will appear when searching it in a different location with some filters.



Should I worry if my property does not appear?

If your listing does not appear is a bad sign. However, as we are giving you the area, you should not worry too much. If your area is very large and has many listings as in New York, it is normal that your listing does not appear within the first results because as we said, we are giving you the results with NO FILTERS.

In the future, we will allow you to define the area in which you want your property to be found; this will reduce the number of listings in your area and make the information much more accurate.  

Why does my property not appear? 

There are many reasons why a property does not appear on the Airbnb first search pages: the pictures and the description are not appealing enough, the price is not competitive, the time to answer guests has been too long, the number of cancellations is high, the minimum stay requirement is high and leaves many free days, the number of people that have whishlisted your property is low, the number of bookings and the quality of the reviews is also low, etc.

What should I do if my property does not appear? 

If your listing is in a big city start by not worrying too much and think in the long-term strategy. Try to adjust your prices, ensure your listing is appealing to your type of guests and never stop learning new marketing techniques on our blog.

If you have any questions regarding your search position, please do not hesitate to contact us at we are here to help.

Remember that you can check your Airbnb search position by clicking on any specific month.