Why should I follow Vayoo recommendations?

1.- Stop losing money:  If you are pricing you Airbnb too low, you will get tons of bookings, but you will be leaving money on the table. You can read our articles about pricing strategies here

2.- Increase your booking probability: If you are pricing your listing too high, guests won´t be interested in booking with you, so your booking probability decreases.

3.- Improve your Search Position (SP): Updating your listing in any way improves your search position. It shows you are an active host and this is always good for your SP. Moreover, if your price is too high and you get fewer bookings, this will have a negative impact on your ranking.

4.- Prices are not definitive: You can always change your prices again either from the App either on Airbnb's platform.

5.- Get more bookings: a good pricing strategy will result in more bookings and more happy clients and this means more bookings. Read this article on the subject. 

Pricing tip: accept Vayoo recommended prices when there is high demand (Weekends, Peak Season & Special Events). If the day approaches and you haven´t got a booking, you can make “last minute discounts”.