Why am I having problems linking my account?

If you are unable to link your Airbnb account this may be for the following reasons:

  1. You’re typing your email and/or password in the wrong way. Please try again and remember to use capitals if needed in your password. Also, the password must be longer than 8 characters.
  2. You’re typing the wrong email and/or password. To link your Airbnb account, you need to enter the email and password you used to create your Airbnb account.
  3. You access your Airbnb account through your Facebook or your Google account. If you want to use all Vayoo´s features, you will need to create an Airbnb password. It is simple, and it won´t modify your existing account: here are the instructions from Airbnb
  4. You have an Airbnb account with your email and password, but you haven´t become a host yet. See how to add a property in Airbnb here.
  5. Your Airbnb listing is in Snooze Mode or Deactivated. You have an Airbnb account with your own email and password, you have already uploaded a property, but your listing isn´t active. Please reactivate your listing in Airbnb and retry again. See how to activate your listing here.

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