My area´s statistics and trends

One of our defining features is the "Area Tab" situated in the bottom menu. 

Whenever you add a property, it is added to an imaginary area of 2km diameter -if there are not enough properties within this perimeter, the are will become bigger until we have enough properties to compare with-. Your listing will be automatically compared with the properties located within this area and having the same characteristics: room type and bedrooms. You can change your area's preferences in the Settings tab. 

Thanks to Vayoo´s software you will know how many properties like yours are in your area, what is their guest capacity and what are their minimum night requirements. You will also be able to study and analyze what is their price, income, and occupancy monthly evolution. Finally, you can compare your prices against your area's average price, and the price of hotels in your area.

These features allow you to make yourself a broader picture of your competitors and base your decisions on real-time data.