What is my Economic Performance?

"Economic performance" is the estimate of how well your property has performed compared to other properties of the same kind in your area in the last 30 days -please note that if you have been using Vayoo for less than 30 days the information shown won't be 100% accurate-. 

This amount cannot be compared to the one shown in your Airbnb account because we do not calculate it in the same way. For example, if your property has had a booking of 10 days for $1000, starting on May 28th and ending on June 7th, Airbnb will indicate that your income in May was $1,000 and your income in June was $0. However, in order assess your economic performance and compare it, we apportion your income. So for us, you had € 300 of economic performance in May and € 700 in June.

In this estimate, we include the cleaning fees but not any extra revenues that you may have had (additional guests, etc.).

When you block your property and do not rent it, or rent it but outside Airbnb, we estimate your earnings using your last Airbnb public price for that day. In other words, if you block your property, and before blocking it you had had a very high price, our system will take those blocked days at that very high prices as if you had rented them.