Why do I need to know my search position?

Just like in Google, when people search for properties similar to yours, your listing appears in a certain position. The earlier your property appears, the more possibilities you have to rent your place. Vayoo gives you that “Search Position” so you can improve it.

The "Search Position" we give you on this page is the best result you can get when searching for X number of rooms for Y number of days. 

If your listing appears among the first 2 pages, your search position will be "Excellent", if your announce appears between the 3rd and 10th page, it will be "Good," if it appears between the 10th and the 18th, the search position will be "Bad." If your listing appears after the page 18th [∞] you will have difficulties in renting your place. 

There are many ways to improve your search results. The first important thing to understand is that the Airbnb Search engine works like Google. It has more than 200 variants and therefore there is no a specific way of improving your position. It is more a combination of things. 

Let's sum up the most powerful tips:

1.- Be an active host: update your calendar on a weekly/monthly basis and answer as quick as possible to your potential guest

2.- Switch-on instant booking

3.- Competitive pricing

4.- Get wish-listed and referrals/recommendations

5.- Get good reviews

You can read more in-depth tips on our blog