How do price recommendations work?

This is your general calendar for Price Recommendations. Here you can see whether we recommend you to raise or low your price depending on the color. If the day is in light orange, we recommend a lower rate. If it is in dark orange, we recommend to raise it. Days already booked or blocked appear in dark grey. Days without any color are priced right.

Please remember that the wiser and most common strategy is to block your calendar so your property can only get booked 90 days in advice. This is why we only offer price recommendations for that time frame. 

The suggested price will always be higher than your minimum acceptable price* and will be calculated accordingly to a series of variables that affect the optimal price for your property. Click on any month on your calendar to see price recommendations in detail. 

*You can set up your minimum acceptable price on your settings. To change your settings, go to your property general overview and press the screw button on the top right corner of your listing's picture.