How do I find my property?

You have two options:

  1. Synchronize your Airbnb account (recommended). To sync your Airbnb account, you'll need an Airbnb login and password*. If you use Facebook or Google accounts to login into your Airbnb, you will need to create a new Airbnb password: here are the instructions from Airbnb. We recommend linking your account because it is the only way to apply changes directly from the app and to have access to real-time data. 
  2. Enter an Airbnb property ID or listing link. An Airbnb listing link is what you see in the address bar at the top of your web browser when you visit a listing page on Airbnb's website. It usually has the form of where 7824904 would be listing Id. Or if you are using the Airbnb App on your phone, you can click on the share button (top right corner) and then, copy the link on the given space.

This last way of finding a property allows you to follow as many as you want even if they are not yours. Remember that you won´t be able to apply any changes to properties found this way.

If you still have any questions on this, contact us at

*Please note that there is no human interaction in this process, we do not see and we do not keep your password. Once our server gets the token, all the unnecessary data is erased from our servers. All the process is secured by an encrypting file system.