Minimum Stay Suggestions

You will find two types of Minimum Stay Requirement suggestions/alerts. The first and most important one is when you won´t be able to rent a day or more because of your minimum stay requirement (An exclamation sign will appear [!]). The second one is when the booking probability decreases due to this same requirement (That specific day/s will have a red square around them). 

Your minimum stay requirement is the minimum amount of nights you're willing to rent your property in a row. For some hosts, it's only worth to rent their properties 2 or more days, excluding the possibility to rent it on a day-by-day basis. Others don´t mind to rent their properties only for one single night.

In the case you're in the first group it's ok, but you should know that sometimes you won't be able to rent a certain day if this day stays in the middle of two periods of whichever your minimum stay requirement is. 

Example1: if your minimum stay requirement is 3 nights, and one guest stays Thursday, Fridays, and Saturday, and the following guest stays Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, that Sunday and Monday that stay in the middle will appear as unavailable, as they are in the middle of two minimum stay periods. 

Example 2: if your minimum stay requirement is 3 nights and you have only 4 nights in a row left on your calendar, one of those days will probably not be booked. In this case, we'll recommend changing your minimum stay requirement to 2 nights-period so the 4 days can be booked. 

Whenever there is a minimum stay requirement recommendation we will send it to you by email so if you don't want to miss any alert of this kind add to your contact list.