What is my Performance Ranking?

The performance ranking shows you in which position your property is compared to similar properties in your area. Apart from your own position, you will see the 20 most productive properties by income in your area.

The amount of money displayed is the estimated income of the last 30 days for each property. This amount cannot be compared to what Airbnb says was the income for those properties. This is because we do not calculate the "income" in the same way. For example, if a property has had a booking of 10 days for $1000, starting on May 28th and ending on June 7th, Airbnb will indicate that your income in May was $1,000 and your income in June was $0. However, in order assess economic performance and compare it, we apportion your income. So for us, you had € 300 of economic performance in May and € 700 in June.

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